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Adrian Thomas


Lover Boy

Flame Of Love

Andy Court & Tony Stephens


Australian Dream

Becci Nethery

Didn't I

I Wrote This One For You

Living In A Love Song

Walk Away

Blake Havard

Come Back For Christmas

Back At Zero


Walk Of Love

Make it Right


Wanted To Believe You

Wave Goodbye


Brad Cole

Come Home

Hits Me Like Lightning

Blowing Breeze

Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight

Live Your Life


Who's It Gonna Be

Lovin Man

Cut Me Loose


Bruce McMillan

The Wild Dog Trapper

Australia Is..

Ghost Riders

Spanish Angels

Little Boy Lost




Casey Barnes



The One You Love

Flesh and Bone


Waiting On The Day

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Just Like Magic

Live As One


Saving All  My Love

Say That You Love Me

Take It All Back

The Crossing


Charlie A

 Whiskey Country Rocker

Chase Miller


Drunk Lovin

Give You The World

Chris Boots Lee

This Is Australia

Clelia Adams

Honky Tonk Moon

River Valley Express

Rainbird Yodel

Hometown Boogie

Italian Cowgirl


My mothers Wedding Band

Heartbeat Highway

Baby We're Really In Love

La Paloma

Peel St Buskers Lament

The Captain and The Gypsy


Danielle Rancie

End Of The World

Leave The Nest



David Rasmussen

Blue Sky Shining

Beautiful Man









Don Allen








Talking Dirty

In The Ghetto

Do You Believe Me Now

All The Good Ones

Close The Door

It's Closing Time

No One Laes Here Anymore

Old Guitar

What If

When Will We Learn

How Can I Believe In You

Beautiful Lady

Old 45s

The Anniversary

The Wagon

Better In Heaven

You Aint' Gotta Go Home

Old Friends





Doug McIntyre

Australia Day

Back In The Little Town

Bondi Drover

Can't Take The Bush Out Of The Boy


Frank The Fox

Have A Little Good Time

Kandahar Lullaby

Riding Free

Wild Fire



In Good Company

Green Grass and Country Girls

Uncle Willy

Easy Going Guy

Turn Around

Driving Home To You

I'm Doing Alright


Gareth Leach


Like It's Friday Night

Freeway Lines


Alone Again

I've Fallen

Ain't That Something

Settle Like Stones

Gary Cartwright &

The Red Dirt PlayBoyz

Poor Souls  (Support Drought Stricken Famers)

Lonely Boy

The Man With You Tonight

I'm Ok

Ballard Of The Big City Blues

Anywhere But Here


I Like Playing Music

Gary Hammond

I once lived Here (Instrumental)

A Sailor I Have Been


Suddenly You

Make Amends


Carry On

On A Wing And A Prayer

Way Over Yonder

I Told You Once, I Told You Twice

Would You Marry Me Again

Andy's Gone With Cattle

Up In The Mountains


Glen Moffatt


Don't Be Surprised

Gyth Rigdon


Body Language


Me Against The Girl

My Soul

Stronger Than You Let Me See

We Ain't Missing Nothing

Where I Began

Honky Tonk Dave

Song From Yesterday

Love Love Love


May Take All Night Long

Merl My Hats Off To You

The Ballard Of Honky Tonk Dave

Drag Strip Boy

Tennessee Girl

Cool Sunglasses

Draw A Little Water

Houston Bernard Band

Home In Your Arms

Knockin Boots

Yoga Pants

Shut Up And Kiss Me

Ready To Leave

Country Crowd

Sweet Senorita


Iain Archibald Band

New Life



Where The Black Top Ends

Its All About The Good Times

She Says

Spin em Up

Jason Kirkness

Whisky Kiss

Folsom Prison Blues

Take Your Picture


Jeff Aschmann

I Don't Need No Plastic Jesus( I Got My GPS)

White Fella Man

Penrith Princess

Dreamtime Christmas




True Heart


Ms Hard Luck

Little Beauty


John Crabtree

11 Months and 29 Days

90 Proof  Memories

A Piece Of You To Love

Memories Dreams and Tequila

Shipping Out

So Would You

Somewhere In My Mind

Taking Back Our Country

The Fire In Me


What I'm Trying To Find

Whiskey Eyes

Josh Arnold (Small Town Culture)


 The Life Of A Country Kid

Johnny Ablett



Good Hearted Woman

Justin Standley

Man Gone Missing

Stand By Me

Return Of The Stockman

Red Light

Brothers By Chance

Little Ronnies Ghost

Hard Easy

Kiara Rodrigues

I'm Gonna Be Fine

Waiting In The Wings

Moving On

My Heart


Laurie Muggleton

The Rugby League Song.



Maria Papakiridou

All My Dreams Begin With You

When The Night Falls

Mike Lusk & John Blok††

You Could Have Been Mine

I Could Have

Leap Of Faith


Bad Bad Girl

Standin In Line

Jane Doe

Little Things

Sugar Daddy

Love Is Not A Perfect Science

In One Day

Never Say Never

Neil Anthony

The Grey Nomads

Tamworth Country Gold

It Might Just All Be Gone

Love Forever

Hey Mate

Peanut Butter On Toast

Bindi Hop

Mountain High

Dingo Meets The Manning By The Moore's

April The 25th

I Will Wait

Southern Surf

Boatswain Farmer

Going Home

Christmas In Australia

Blowing In The Wind

Mr Tambourine Man

Nita Nielsen


One World Together

Niki Vella Power


In The Shed

Paul Beerepoot


Fair Weather Friends

Peter Christie


In Your Arms

Peter Elliot

The Rock And The Pillow

My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own

Don't Know What You're Doin' With My Mind

Central Station

This Rough Old Mountain Road


Pete O'Brien

Red Dress


Legless & Dateless

Moondyne Joe

Fly To You

Take Me Home

It Doesn't Matter


Rick Hart

City Lights

She's My Girl

Broken Bird

Cant See The Light


Mess I'm In

My Hesitations


Driver Alone

Outta My Mind


Roger Ratliff Creations


In The Doghouse Now

Buddies Babes & Beer

Getting Back To You

I Choose You Tonight

Born To Roam

Walk Away

On This Special Day

Your Not All That

Honky Tonk Woman

No Good Way To Say Good Bye

Country Girl


Once In A life Time

Ross McGregor

What Was My Heart Thinking

Here To Forget

Who Will Buy The Wine

Drinking Tequila

I forgot To Remember To Forget

Driving My Life Away

Change Places With Me

I Can't Hang A Round Here Anymore

Its Hard To Keep A Secret Anymore

Big Rig Wheels

So Long Mama



Love This Country

Dear John

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Denim And Dust

Folsum Prison Blues

Couldn't Be Bothered Singin' Song

Smiley, What About The Roses

Ghosts Of Mississippi

Only 19


We Are Australian


Ryan Giles

Son Of You

Sleep Baby Knox

To Much Life

Cigarettes And Song Books


Every Passing Minute

I Will Always Love You

Grew Up Country

Click Of Her Fingers

Still Searching

Scott Dann 

Cowboy Up


Scott Douglas

Folsom Prison Blues

Three Wooden Crosses

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

Your Man

Water Melon Crawl

Sonny Lee

Love You Again

Change Of Heart

Breaking Bad

Sippin On Moonshine

Little Sister

Mountain Of Love

Man Of Me

Fast As You

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Santa Claus Is Back In Town


Steve McNaughton

Cross Country

One More Shot


Running Dream

When You've Got It Good

One Of These Nights

Sands Of Time

What would you Do If I Told You

Everybody Needs Love

Changing Lanes

Under The Sycamore

The Navigator


Terry Bennetts


Fitzroy River




Terry Clark




Christmas I'm Coming Home

Old Shoes

Oxygen Thief

Rollin On'

Terry Morris

Land Of Dreams

Calcutta Girl

Once Upon A Time

Don't Forget To Take Your Memories

She Ain't Hurting Anymore

I Love Rock N Roll

Sing me Back Home

The Jay Seeney Band



The Long and Short Of It

Fifty Bucks And A case Of Beer

Carry Me

Latter Day Cowboy

Beatles Without John

The Pigs


The Devil Inside


You Just Like Me Cos I'm Good In Bed

My Happiness

Straight Lines


Better Get A Lawyer

Since I Left You/ Frontier Psychiatry

Your The Voice

Come Said The Boy

Addicted To Bass

Science Fiction

Cathy's Clown

Tim McDonald

Gobble Wobble

Last Thing You'll Ever Need

Livin' Worth Livin'

Night Like That


The King

Now Iím Here Alone

Wal Neilsen


Captains Quarters

Night Rider

Only Got A Photo

Cold As Dry Ice


Watling & Bates

Misery Loves Company

Boots Beside The Bed

We Start Again

Highway Prayer